Friday, 16 May 2008

Nods so far...

So, discs are flying out left, right and centre! Well, almost. I've sent preview DVDs to all the interviewees and a couple of friends and family.

So far, feedback has been generally very positive. More importantly, I've had replies from two interviewees, Johnny Tarver and Ian Sanders. Both have stated that they have no objection to the way they have been represented and the way I have used their words and opinions in the film.

This has always been important to me. I don't mind if people dislike the film, or the way it expresses my feelings, but I'd hate to people to feel I'd distorted their words. I await feedback from the other interviewees.

For the record, I have not sent discs to the following interviewees:

  • Lutz Bergerman/Bergman
  • Sasha Ritter
  • A dude called Conrad
  • An un-named student

These were un-arranged, man-on-the-street, vox-pop interviews. We did quite of few of them but these four people made it into the final cut. I would like to offer these people chance to 'approve' their interviews but unlike the other interviewees, they only gave verbal permission to being filmed. This means they didn't fill in the full release form - therefore, no contact details.

Work is still being done to re-design the website and there's also a poster design in the pipeline to fulfil any future screenings.


Anonymous said...

most probably he is called Lutz Berg(er)mann. This is the common Geman -mann ending for many family names. -man is unusual.

To look for people you can use the public German phonebook

I found some Bergermanns who live in Berlin:

Seems to be a family. But no "Lutz". From the names you can often guess the age of the people. Lutz was "en vogue" 30-40 years ago. And so was "Marion" Bergermann Her phone number from the UK is +49 30 8514576.

No Lutz *Bergmann* lives in Berlin, but close by:
Lutz Bergmann/Wandlitzer Chaussee 5/ 16515 Oranienburg/Germany. His phone number from the UK is +49 33053 71128. Good luck. A dude named Conrad (but not the one you're looking for;) )

Ian Hawkins said...

Wow. That's amazingly helpful. If you're at all interested I'd be happy to send you a copy of the film - for free. Just email me your postal address to Thanks again for taking the time to help.