Monday, 23 June 2008

A night to remember...

Tuesday 17th June, 2008 was a very, very special night. This was the night that My DDR T-Shirt received its first ever public screening - and what a resounding success!

In Fuel (a café bar in Withington) around 60 people gathered to watch the film. Admittedly, many of these were friends - I invited almost everyone I knew. However, lots of people I didn't know also turned up because they had heard about the screening somewhere and were interested in the subject. How cool is that?

Making My DDR T-Shirt was a pretty solitary affair. Obviously, filming the interviews wasn't but the long process of editing was. As the film played, I sat and watched the audience. They sat (or stood) and stared at the ironed duvet cover that doubled as a screen and seemed totally engaged with the subject. They watched like they would a proper film in a proper cinema. It is hard to describe how enormously rewarding this was.

At the rolling of the credits, they even applauded.

The posts of this blog serve as a record (of sorts) for all the ups and downs of the My DDR T-Shirt project. It may not be the most enthralling subject to read about but every setback and delay is listed here. It's a pleasure to report such a fantastic highlight.

Massive, heartfelt thanks to everyone who came along.

Poster from the big night.

Q&A session

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations Ian, really pleased for you. When will it be on release in China?