Thursday, 11 September 2008

Hope springs a leak

Well, I'm just back from a holiday in Italy and finding it difficult to get into the swing of the old routine again. I thought I'd offer a quick update of the only little bit of news I have. Unfortunately, My DDR T-Shirt has not been accepted by Sheffield Documentary Film Festival (DocFest).

Although you never expect a film to be accepted anywhere, this rejection came as a bit of a disappointment. The theme of DocFest 2008 was regime change - this made all staff at Hawkinsian Productions hopeful that My DDR T-Shirt's obvious fit would come up trumps. But it wasn't to be so.

There are still three other film festival irons in the fire and we hope something will come of these.

In the meantime, I've had some nice feedback from independent filmmaker/writer/author, Micheal W. Dean. He "loved the flick" and offered his support. Micheal's book, $30 Film School, really helped me make a start with film making, and is essentially the model I used to make My DDR T-Shirt. Now (after being rejected by DocFest), maybe it's a good time to re-read sections and get some ideas.

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Keep up the good work.