Monday, 27 October 2008

Ignorance and idiocy at eBay

Well, my problems with eBay continue. In fact, they've just reached a new low. I've just learned that my my eBay account has been suspended. Why? Because they think that the My DDR T-Shirt DVDs I am selling are unauthorised copies and a breach of copyright.

I have now had 10 auctions or eBay sales removed by eBay. I have written to them several times to explain the situation but it seems that they are far too big and powerful to listen. I keep writing to them but they send generic and pre-written replies that clearly don't understand the problem. For the record, the DVDs I am selling are not unauthorised and they do not breach any of eBay's policies.

This eBay account suspension is an unjustified punishment of a legitimate seller. It's also a serious blow to the campaign to promote My DDR T-Shirt. The untouchable idiots at eBay are having a real impact on what I do and it is apalling, truly apalling, that they can act so unfairly.

If you were thinking of buying my DVD, simpy email me at "sales [at]".

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