Friday, 6 March 2009

Durham and other news

Thursday 26th February was a great night for My DDR T-Shirt. The third public screening took place at Durham University and went very well indeed. The night was organised by Durham’s Ethnographic Film Society and was well attended. There was also a really healthy Q&A session at the end – and this kinda continued in the pub afterwards.

Huge thanks go to Stefan Shanker and his friends at EthnoFilm. Thank you.

Other news to mention is that the Spanish translation of the full audio transcript is now complete. A dude called Juan-Carlos Carrillo went to considerable effort on the translation and this will be used to make a Spanish edit of the film. For Spanish speakers, this translation document is so far available by special email request only.

A very kind offer has recently come in to translate My DDR T-Shirt into Finnish – which was gratefully accepted. Who knows when this will be available (it’s a big job) but if you’re interested just send an email and I’ll send it out when I get it.

And finally, there is news of some investment here at Hawkinsian Productions. We are now the proud owners of a ‘proper’ video camera – a Sony DSR PD150. This broadcast quality camera is not the state of the art but it’s a considerable upgrade of current Hawkinsian facilities. We are very excited about new projects and can’t wait to make use of the new camera.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations for your documentary. Seems quite a fresh-funny idea, taking a t-shirt as starting point. Good luck with the film !