Tuesday, 31 March 2009

News, news and more news

The DAAD (translates as the German Academic Exchange Service) will screen My DDR T-Shirt in Belgrave Square, London. The screening takes place on 20th June and is part of a regular programme of events organised for DAAD's membership of German lecturers and teachers.

I have been invited to present the film and answer questions at the end - and I'm very much looking forward to it. This screening is significant for the simple reason that it was not generated by me. This has happened because someone attended the Durham screening and recommended my film to the DAAD. Huge thanks to Kai in Durham and Eva Peters at DAAD.

I'm proud to announce that Hawkinsian Productions recently signed its first contract. The contract committed My DDR T-Shirt to the British Federation of Film Societies' (BFFS) national distribution scheme.

There are hundreds of film societies throughout the UK. From remote villages to urban enthusiasts, film societies make independent and foreign films accessible to everyone - "Cinema for all" is their motto. Being part of the BFFS scheme is a huge compliment and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it'll will lead to new screenings.

As an additional bit of news, My DDR T-Shirt may also be screened at the BFFS national conference in September. We're keeping our fingers crossed.

Finally, alongside the Spanish subtitled edit (being worked on currently), I've recently had some very generous offers for Finnish and Dutch translations. These offers came out of the blue as responses to my website pages 'Get involved'. Both people have offered to work on the project for free. The Finnish one is especially timely as a Finnish TV company recently responded to my offer to send them a preview DVD. Indeed, I've just had an email from a Hungarian channel asking for a preview DVD. I wonder whether anything will come of this? Yet another thing to keep my fingers crossed about.

Nearly a year since finishing the film, My DDR T-Shirt is still coming up with pleasant surprises. It's proving to be a great project and a massive success in its own little way.

Long may it continue!

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