Saturday, 14 November 2009

Irish Tour - day one

Well, we had an early start today. Leaving home at around 7.45 to head for Manchester Airport and our flights to Galway. We had to drop our rented car off at the airport depot first (we've had a courtesy car for the last two weeks thanks to someone stealing my car four weeks ago) - this involved a little bit of faff but it was convenient enough.

Anyway, as anyone can see from the header, this is day one of the My DDR T-Shirt Irish Tour. Starting on Monday, my film about East Germany, Kirstie and me will tour Irish universities until Friday. It's something I'm particularly proud of as this is the first time in my life that anyone has been willing to pay real money for my creative pursuits. And let's be honest, I've had a go at several formats.

Seriously though, this is a significant development for me and I'm planning to enjoy it. Having said that, if you could see us now, barely keeping awake in a warm Irish pub, rugby union on the massive TV above my head, you wouldn't think we were particularly enthusiastic about anything. That's fatigue for you.

Anyway, we added a couple of days to the trip for leisure so we're currently waiting for our bus to Doolin. Doolin is right on the west coast and features some spectacular looking cliffs so we're heading there tonight. Then we're off to Limerick to meet Andreas Damm and attend the first screening on Monday morning. Then we have to dash back to Galway to meet Berit Carmesin for the NUI screening in the evening.

Berit deserves a special mention. She has acted as a tour manager for this trip and has co-ordinated the whole thing. Huge thanks to the DAAD and the German Embassy for financial support but special thanks to Berit for getting it all organised, on paper, sponsored and finalised. Thanks also to Christian Strowa for being the first to invite me to Ireland and for all the other DAAD lektoren for their enthusiasm.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the trip so far. I have no idea of WiFi availability for the rest of the trip but who knows? Maybe I'll be able to update this blog a couple of times?

Arriving in Galway

Looking out from the museum

The pub I'm sitting in now.

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Judith said...

Very exciting. Will try to follow your Irish Tour. I'm sure you'll find great interest and enthusiasm, just like at all your other screenings.

Please say hello to all my wonderful Irish DAAD colleagues.