Wednesday, 29 April 2009

My DDR T-Shirt Needs You!

I got an email the other day from a dude in Spain. He'd found My DDR T-Shirt and wanted to help somehow. As a Spanish translation has already been done and he couldn't organise a screening, he wrote an article on his blog with links to the site (here's the article). His blog is normally about karate and I didn't get many hits from Spain as a result but even so, he did something to help and I'm very grateful. Thanks Miguel.

It's about a year since I finished My DDR T-Shirt and I'm still enjoying the ride. I'm getting great customer reviews, excellent feedback and I'm trying to organise screenings wherever I can. But I still need help - so here's what I was thinking...

I'd like to launch a people power campaign! Okay, this sounds over ambitious but let me explain with a few suggestions:

Can you organise a screening? This could be in a local independent cinema, a bar at the end of the street or even in your home. The audience might be paying customers or just a bunch of film-loving friends you've invited round. If you'd like to organise something, contact me and I'll send you a free screening DVD*. Depending where the screening is, I could introduce the film in person or via a webcam (or just leave you to your own devices). I can also supply poster artwork, web graphics or whatever you need. In return, I'd like to hear how it went and maybe post your photos on this blog, on Facebook or on the general site.

Do you have a blog or website? If so, can you post a blog about My DDR T-Shirt? Or maybe you could place a link or banner on your site? I can provide banners to any specification and send a free DVD* as a mark of my gratitude.

Social sites
If you're on Facebook, Twitter, Bebo, Digg (or any other social media site), can you post something to your friends and/or followers? If you can send a bit of traffic to, I'll thank you with a free DVD*.

Maybe you can collect a few addresses of friends, colleagues or co-workers and let them know about My DDR T-Shirt? Please note, everybody hates SPAM so please be careful - only send to people who might be interested in films, documentaries, history, filmmaking or any other relevant subject.

Do you have a notice board at work or college? If you have access to a printer, print the flyer below and place wherever you can. Maybe there's a bit of guerrilla marketing possible by leaving the flyers in imaginative places? Please note, litter is bad so please place carefully - and respect the rules and by-laws of wherever you are placing the flyers. If you can email a photo of a flyer in a cool place or places, I'll send you a free DVD*.

Film Festivals
I have a full time job and struggle to manage film promotion in my spare time. Finding time to search the internet for suitable film festivals is difficult. If your town or city has a festival that might take a documentary about East Germany, send me the link. If you know of any festival anywhere in the world, send me the link. If you can do a bit of Googling and email a list of suitable events, please do so. I'd send a free DVD* to thank you for your time.

Is there a public access TV channel in your country? Do they sometimes show films or documentaries that you wouldn't get on mainstream TV? If so, please forward any information you have and where possible, I'll send a free DVD*.

If you've seen My DDR T-Shirt, it would really help if you could post a review on the website. All comments are welcome - so long as they're not offensive and they help to reassure new visitors that the film is worth watching. Go to the review page to see what I mean.

* I don't know what kind of response I'll get to this call for help. I may struggle to post free DVDs to everyone, but I promise to do my best.


Time bank said...

As I told you, I've just put an ad in my time bank, asking for help to promote your film. This is the ad:

Good luck ! I hope more people can now help you.


Custom Tees said...

Can i post your DDR T-Shirt on my site: at

Matias said...

Hello, im Matias from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Im arrived to your blog looking for a film about DDR in google and im fond the link in this page:

Im very interesting in the life of the people in ddr. I saw Goodbye Lennin, The Live of the Others, and RAF. I love this films.

I would like a lot see your film whith some of my friends, who are film-lovers.

Can your film be downloaded from any place? and the spanish subtitles?


Sorry for my poor english.

Matias said...

sorry recently i saw that you buy the film. i didnt read this whe i wrote the comment before.

equally i dont have credit cards, and i cant afford it. 1 pound is like 6 or 7 argentinian pesos. and my salary is 500.

good luck!