Sunday, 17 June 2007

First posted 25th August 2005

Well, well, well! Another landmark has been reached in the progress of My DDR T-Shirt. All 13 hours of video tape have now been dutifully logged and accounted for.

Strangely enough, this process has proved to be one of the most vital yet tedious tasks so far. It has been great to get back in touch with the project after the distractions of the last few months, but sitting through 13 hours of anything is quite a challenge. The official Hawkinsian attention span, said to be that of the average goldfish, has exceeded all expectations.

Some work still needs to be done (and is being done) on the transcription and translation of the German language interviews. We also have news of a brand new interview scheduled to take place in Manchester on Thursday 1st September. The interviewee is an English photographer who captured some of the changes that took place in Berlin from 1989-1999.

Some slightly sadder news. A new potential My DDR T-Shirt interviewee (we'll call him 'Ron') had agreed in principal to help out with our project. Ron was an East German living in Manchester. Fascinatingly, he was in the East German army at the time the DDR collapsed. Unfortunately (for the Institute, at least), Ron has been offered a job in Valencia and left for Spain last week. The Institute would like to wish Ron and his family well for their new life in the sun.

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