Sunday, 17 June 2007

First posted 23rd October 2005

It's a little scary how long it has been since the last update. Time sho' do know how to pass by. There are a couple of causes - since the launch of the diary pages, most spare computer time has been spent working on the film. This work revealed some serious deficiencies in the Hawkinsian IT set up and called for some investment. Forms were filled in and submitted to the Hawkinsian Finance Team. After due deliberation, it was acknowledged that without adequate systems, there is no Institute.

And so, this is the first update written on essentially a new computer. Considerable time was spent backing up data, replacing old hardware and re-installing software. We are delighted to report that the Institute is now almost fully operational again.

As for project progress, early rough cuts of the first ten minutes or so of My DDR T-Shirt are proving very exciting indeed. Unlike any previous project, My DDR T-Shirt requires considerably greater resources. The first being the legal use of archive news footage. Costs for this have proved to be terrifyingly expensive. This may well result in the first ever Hawkinsian application for outside funding. Contact his been made with the regional film office, Northwest Vision. Meetings are in the pipeline but yet to be confirmed.

When asked for an update, Ian issued the following statement:

"When things are going so well, so quickly, the temptation is to go rushing into a compilation of the existing footage and come up with a rough cut. However, I want My DDR T-Shirt to be better than any previous project. There is so much to balance, so many voices to represent, it would be foolish to allow haste into the equation. Sometimes, the art and craft of filmmaking can be discovered in the most inconsequential transition from one clip to another. Ultimately, it is this that will help me develop and make a better programme."

So there you have it - watch this space but don't hold your breath.

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