Sunday, 17 June 2007

First posted 2nd August 2005

Since returning from Budapest, things have been a little slow to get going again. Of the weekends and evenings available for work on My DDR T-Shirt, most have been hijacked by one thing or another. Out of four weekends, only two days have been available for all the things you need to do when not at work.

For example, two weeks after returning from Hungary, Ian was once again seen at Manchester Airport waiting to board a plane. This time he was off to Stockholm for a four day work trip. Please note that the Institute will always jump at the chance to travel. It was great to take a look at Stockholm (see the brand new Stockholm gallery in the photography page) but it wasn't good news for My DDR T-Shirt.

Even with such a busy schedule, we are proud to announce that progress is still being made on the Berlin project - mainly due to the kindness and skill of Doreen Ringham. Doreen responded to an advertisement on asking for transcription and translation. Over the last few weeks, Doreen has been working on audio files of the two German language interviews conducted in May. Doreen is German, grew up in East Germany but now lives in Florida. Huge thanks to Doreen for her help and kindness.

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