Sunday, 17 June 2007

First posted 12th November 2005

Good and bad news to report. We hinted at technical problems in our last report when we said we were 'now almost fully operational again'. These slightly annoying problems have proved to be much more serious than first thought.

The new upgraded Hawkinsian IT facilities work perfectly for everything - except the FireWire card. For those of you who don't know, a FireWire connection is vital for video capture. Without this facility, we are unable to go any further with the editing My DDR T-Shirt as we simply cannot get the material on the computer.

Little clumps of torn out hair can be found scattered arround the Institute. The odd scream has been heard and one of the cleaners even found a snapped pencil. Ian certainly picked a bad time to give up smoking.

However, our technicians don't like to be inactive for very long. Whilst we will continue to work on the FireWire problem, we are delighted to announce the following news:

Our Man in Harrogate is available for download! This popular little video diary now has it's very own section with the complete film split into two downloadable files. We hope you like it.

A brand new Miscellaneous gallery has been added to the Hawkinsian Photography section. Made up of twelve pictures taken over the last, say, twelve months, the gallery is not earth-shattering but always worth a look.


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