Sunday, 17 June 2007

First posted on 18th June 2005

Well, the first thing to report is the setting up of the News page on My DDR T-Shirt is News page. Designed to encourage repeat visitors and give our web team something to do.

So, here is the news...
It would be fair to say that the filming trip in May was a great success. All of the arranged interviews took place and we covered some fascinating ground on the way. Huge thanks to everyone involved for making it happen.

On the downside, those who have read the 'The making of' page will know that the plan was to return from Berlin with everything necessary for the complete film in the bag. Sadly, this isn't the case. Not a word to the Hawkinsian Accounts Dept. but a second Berlin trip may be needed later in the year.

The filming schedule was so packed with interviews that we didn't shoot enough cutaways, incidental footage or background video. What we did manage to get was either not enough or not good enough. Yes, this is frustrating but it must never be forgotten that this is a learning process. If Hawkinsian Productions was the BBC, heads may have rolled by now. Instead, we have to learn as we go along and keep focused.

We are currently logging all of the 11 hours or so of Berlin footage. This vital but lengthy process will make the editing process easier in the long run. Also, the first non-Berlin interview took place in Bristol the other day. Dagmar Lane was kind enough to talk to us on camera and tell us some of her opinions and recollections of the DDR. Finally, we are looking to find people to transcribe and translate the two interviews shot in German. Email us if you would like to volunteer.

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