Sunday, 17 June 2007

First posted 2nd September 2005

There are some very positive developments to report after a good week for My DDR T-Shirt. First of all, Ian met photographer and historian Ian Sanders for an interview. Ian S. was fortunate enough to visit Berlin during the last weeks and months of the GDR. Ian S. compiled a book of fascinating photographs called 'From Hitler to Honecker' and offered his support to the My DDR T-Shirt project. Huge thanks to Ian S.

On a different note, Ian (back to Hawkins again, now) has enrolled his nephew Adam Richardson as a cutaway cameraman. Adam will be in Berlin for his twelfth birthday and will take a Hawkinsian camcorder with him. We have searched through the Hawkinsian archives and can confirm that Adam is the youngest member of staff ever to work for the Institute. Even so, we're confident Adam can do a good job and eagerly await the results. Thanks Ads.

And finally, a friend of a friend called Mareike Barmeyer has agreed in principle to fill a couple of MiniDV tapes with Berlin cutaways. Mareike is a writer and photographer who lives in Berlin. Sincere thanks in advance to Mareike.

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