Sunday, 17 June 2007

First posted 15th September 2005

Things have been quite busy since the last update. First of all, we are delighted to announce the launch of a brand new section of this website. The new Berlin Diary section features the complete and unabridged web publication of Ian's filming diary while in Berlin. Browsers and enthusiasts alike can now follow the ups and downs of the trip complimented by previously unpublished photographs and video stills. It's there, so why not, like, you know, read it.

We also have the fantastic news that Dagmar Lane has completed the task of translating and transcribing both of the interviews conducted in German. Huge thanks to Dagmar for all her time and effort.

The final thing to report is that editing has begun! Ian was spotted capturing video to the Hawkinsian hard drive over a week ago. The process will be a lengthy one but we are all very encouraged that the ball is finally rolling. Don't book any annual leave for the premiere just yet, but it may be worth a flick through Littlewoods catalogue for your outfit.

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