Sunday, 17 June 2007

First posted 25th June 2005

Over the last week, we have had two volunteers to help transcribe/translate the interviews in German. The first is Dagmar Lane - the quick-minded amongst you will recognise her name as the most recent interviewee (photo below). She kindly offered to help out and we are just agreeing the most convenient way to approach it. The second is a person who responded to my posting on Craigslist. Again, details are yet to be worked out, and until I get permission, we won't name this kind person. Huge thanks to both.

The most important news is that Ian is going on his summer holiday tomorrow - to Budapest and Transylvania. From a My DDR T-Shirt viewpoint, this isn't the best timing. But travel is travel and "grab it while you can," is the official Hawkinsian line. Moreover, the two don't have to be mutually exclusive. As former members of the Eastern Bloc, it is thought that Hungary and Romania may offer a new angle for the film. Then again, they may not, but who knows? Without wanting to lose the Berlin focus, there may be something relevant to be captured. One thing's for sure, and we'll all sleep easier knowing that Hawkinsian cameras (still and video) will accompany Ian on his trip.

We look forward to the results and will, of course, post updates when Ian returns.

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