Monday, 25 June 2007

A new start - 25th June 2007

Well, Friday 22nd June 2007 was a momentous day for My DDR T-Shirt and Hawkinsian Productions.

In autumn 2005, all progress on My DDR T-Shirt was halted due to inexplicable hardware and software problems. These issues exhausted the knowledge and resources of Hawkinsian Productions' IT department. We are delighted to announce that we have finally overcome these problems and the long winter of IT discontent is over.

A similar (and sadly premature) announcement was made just two posts ago but a video-capture, edit and export/DVD burn trial were successfully completed on Friday. It has cost hundreds of pounds (our entire IT budget for the last two years) on three different PC upgrades but our elated staff will now begin work on the project in earnest.

Other news...
Flights have been booked for a visit to Berlin in September. This will be Ian's third visit and his last chance to film material for the final edit. There is also talk of one or two new interviews and plans to explore new media and internet resources (like YouTube) for relevant stuff.

Look forward to regular updates from now on. Let's hope the IT curse has been permanently lifted.

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